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At Bishops we celebrate people from all walks of life and do our best to help people feel beautiful no matter who they are or what they’re going through. For our first client spotlight, we’d love to introduce you to Natalie. Natalie trusted us with nurturing her hair to a healthy state with a haircut and deep conditioning treatment! Natalie will soon be transforming her hair from brunette to a fierce red, so stay tuned for her hair transformation! Read more about Natalie below.

Natalie is a mother, wife, and an activist within the Latinx community. Recently, Natalie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after experiencing continued symptoms that caused her to take a step back to take care of her health. After her diagnosis, Natalie focused her attention on her health to help rebuild her body and mind. Now, you can find Natalie advocating for awareness of Type 1 Diabetes in the Latinx community, a topic she says doesn’t get addressed nearly enough.

In a study published by the American Diabetes Association, Latinx/Hispanic Americans are more likely to develop diabetes than the general population, making it the fifth leading cause of death among Hispanic/Latinx individuals in the United States. Natalie is fighting back against these numbers by helping others with diabetes to find the resources and tools they need to lead healthy lives.

To learn more about Natalie, you can follow her on Instagram @Nicole_lzo

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